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Nova CLI

Nova CLI (Nova.CLI.exe) is a console program that uses the Nova CodeDOM library.

Nova CLI

You can currently use Nova CLI for such things as:

  • Run Nova.CLI in a command window to get a list of valid command-line options.

  • Load solution and/or project files from a command window or a batch file, generating messages for any problems with loading, referenced assemblies, parsing, or resolving of the code. Or, load individual C# files if desired for testing. Options exist to load without resolving references, or even without parsing source files.

  • Examine the load/parse/resolve execution times, approximate memory usage, and basic metrics for the loaded code.

  • Save all files after loading is complete. This can be used to cleanup sources using the default or overridden (with Nova.CLI.exe.config file options) formatting. Because re-formatting doesn't require symbolic references to be resolved, the /donotresolve option can be used in this case to improve performance.

  • Many different solutions can be loaded sequentially from a batch file for testing, including optionally executing each load in a separate process in order to use a clean app domain (otherwise assemblies from previous loads will still be loaded and might impact the version that is used for a requested assembly).

  • Display normal, minimal, or detailed log messages.

  • Compare the resulting error/warning message counts against expected values.

  • Modify various default settings for the Nova CodeDOM library in the Nova.CLI.exe.config file.