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Nova.Utilities Namespace

This namespace contains utility classes for use by the Nova Project, such as extension methods and static helper methods.
Public classArrayUtil
Extension and helper methods for Arrays.
Public classAssemblyDefinitionUtil
Extension methods for AssemblyDefinition.
Public classAssemblyUtil
Extension methods for Assembly.
Public classCollectionUtil
Extension methods for Collections.
Public classConvertUtil
Helper methods for doing conversions.
Public classEventDefintionUtil
Extension methods for EventDefinition.
Public classEventInfoUtil
Extension methods for EventInfo.
Public classFileUtil
Helper methods for working with files and directories.
Public classGACEntry
Public classGACUtil
GAC is a utility class for accessing the Global Assembly Cache.
Public classGenericParameterUtil
Extension methods for GenericParameter.
Public classICustomAttributeProviderUtil
Extension methods for ICustomAttributeProvider.
Public classJSON
Public classJSONArray
Public classJSONClass
Public classJSONData
Public classJSONNode
Public classMemberInfoUtil
Extension methods for MemberInfo.
Public classMemberReferenceUtil
Extension methods for MemberReference.
Public classMethodDefinitionUtil
Extension methods for MethodDefinition.
Public classMethodInfoUtil
Extension methods for MethodInfo.
Public classOrderedHashSetT
An implementation of a HashSet that retains the insertion order.
Public classParameterDefinitionUtil
Extension methods for ParameterDefinition.
Public classParameterInfoUtil
Extension methods for ParameterInfo.
Public classPropertyDefinitionUtil
Extension methods for PropertyDefinition.
Public classPropertyInfoUtil
Extension methods for PropertyInfo.
Public classRegistryUtil
Utility methods for accessing the Windows registry.
Public classStringUtil
Extension methods for the String class.
Public classTypeDefinitionUtil
Extension methods for TypeDefinition, and also it's base class TypeReference where appropriate.
Public classTypeUtil
Extension methods for Type.
Public classTypeUtilT
Special type used to match any generic parameter type in GetMethodExt().