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MethodDefinition Class

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Mono.Cecil
Assembly:  Nova.CodeDOM (in Nova.CodeDOM.dll) Version: 7.22.6858.39923
public sealed class MethodDefinition : MethodReference, 
	IMemberDefinition, ICustomAttributeProvider, IMetadataTokenProvider, ISecurityDeclarationProvider

The MethodDefinition type exposes the following members.

Public methodMethodDefinition
Initializes a new instance of the MethodDefinition class
Public propertyAttributes
Public propertyBody
Public propertyCallingConvention (Inherited from MethodReference.)
Public propertyCustomAttributes
Public propertyDeclaringType
Public propertyExplicitThis (Inherited from MethodReference.)
Public propertyFullName (Inherited from MethodReference.)
Public propertyGenericParameters (Overrides MethodReferenceGenericParameters.)
Public propertyHasBody
Public propertyHasCustomAttributes
Public propertyHasGenericParameters (Overrides MethodReferenceHasGenericParameters.)
Public propertyHasOverrides
Public propertyHasParameters (Inherited from MethodReference.)
Public propertyHasPInvokeInfo
Public propertyHasSecurity
Public propertyHasSecurityDeclarations
Public propertyHasThis (Inherited from MethodReference.)
Public propertyImplAttributes
Public propertyIsAbstract
Public propertyIsAddOn
Public propertyIsAssembly
Public propertyIsCheckAccessOnOverride
Public propertyIsCompilerControlled
Public propertyIsConstructor
Public propertyIsDefinition (Overrides MemberReferenceIsDefinition.)
Public propertyIsFamily
Public propertyIsFamilyAndAssembly
Public propertyIsFamilyOrAssembly
Public propertyIsFinal
Public propertyIsFire
Public propertyIsForwardRef
Public propertyIsGenericInstance (Inherited from MethodReference.)
Public propertyIsGetter
Public propertyIsHideBySig
Public propertyIsIL
Public propertyIsInternalCall
Public propertyIsManaged
Public propertyIsNative
Public propertyIsNewSlot
Public propertyIsOther
Public propertyIsPInvokeImpl
Public propertyIsPreserveSig
Public propertyIsPrivate
Public propertyIsPublic
Public propertyIsRemoveOn
Public propertyIsReuseSlot
Public propertyIsRuntime
Public propertyIsRuntimeSpecialName
Public propertyIsSetter
Public propertyIsSpecialName
Public propertyIsStatic
Public propertyIsSynchronized
Public propertyIsUnmanaged
Public propertyIsUnmanagedExport
Public propertyIsVirtual
Public propertyMetadataToken (Inherited from MemberReference.)
Public propertyMethodReturnType (Inherited from MethodReference.)
Public propertyModule (Inherited from MemberReference.)
Public propertyName (Inherited from MemberReference.)
Public propertyNoInlining
Public propertyNoOptimization
Public propertyOverrides
Public propertyParameters (Inherited from MethodReference.)
Public propertyPInvokeInfo
Public propertyReturnType (Inherited from MethodReference.)
Public propertyRVA
Public propertySecurityDeclarations
Public propertySemanticsAttributes
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodFindBaseMethod
Find the base virtual method for this method if it's an override.
(Defined by MethodDefinitionUtil.)
Public Extension MethodFindTypeArgument
Find the type argument for the specified type parameter.
(Defined by MethodDefinitionUtil.)
Public Extension MethodFindTypeParameterIndex
Find the index of the specified type parameter.
(Defined by MethodDefinitionUtil.)
Public Extension MethodGetCategory
Get the category name (field, method, etc).
(Defined by MemberReferenceUtil.)
Public Extension MethodGetCustomAttribute
Get the custom attribute with the specified name from the ICustomAttributeProvider. If there are multiple attributes with the name, the first one is returned.
(Defined by ICustomAttributeProviderUtil.)
Public Extension MethodGetCustomAttributes
Get all custom attributes with the specified name from the ICustomAttributeProvider.
(Defined by ICustomAttributeProviderUtil.)
Public Extension MethodGetFullName
Get the full name of the type or member, including the namespace name.
(Defined by MemberReferenceUtil.)
Public Extension MethodGetParameter
Find the parameter with the specified name.
(Defined by MethodDefinitionUtil.)
Public Extension MethodGetTypeParameter
Get the type parameter at the specified index.
(Defined by MethodDefinitionUtil.)
Public Extension MethodHasCustomAttribute
Determine if the ICustomAttributeProvider has a custom attribute.
(Defined by ICustomAttributeProviderUtil.)
Public Extension MethodHasDynamicType
Determine if the member has a dynamic type.
(Defined by ICustomAttributeProviderUtil.)
Public Extension MethodIsExtensionMethod
Check if the method is an extension method.
(Defined by MethodDefinitionUtil.)
Public Extension MethodIsOverride
Check if the method is an override.
(Defined by MethodDefinitionUtil.)
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