Welcome to Inevitable Software! C# Parser and CodeDOM C# Parser and CodeDOM

We are a provider of finely-crafted programming language tools for the .NET platform, including a CSharp 5.0 Parser and CodeDOM which can be used to load, parse, resolve, inspect, modify, and analyze CSharp code with a clean and easy-to-use object model and then save any changes back to the original source files with controllable formatting.

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C# Parser and CodeDOM

A complete C# 5.0 parser, resolver, object model, formatter, metrics generator, code analyzer, etc.
This is a 100% managed code library (Nova.CodeDOM.dll) that can be used to load and parse any C# solution, project, or source file(s), create a semantic object model in memory, and resolve all symbolic references.  The code object tree can then be inspected, searched, modified, and saved back to the original input files with controllable formatting.  Also includes documentation, examples, a WPF-based test tool (Nova.Studio), and a command-line tool (Nova.CLI).    Online Documentation
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If you have any questions regarding our company or products, please send an email to info@inevitablesoftware.com.